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Chicago. 1940. I am about to sing my first solo in front of an audience.

I am four years old.

My Father, a fundamentalist Minister, has drafted me to sing in a Sunday service. When I finish “God Bless America”, the congregation erupts with cheers, applause, and shouts of “Amen!” My Father wraps me in a bear hug and growls “you are terrific!” My mother sits at the piano her eyes brimming with pride.

I love how it’s making me feel. And with that my dream is born.

I want to be a singer.

Not a fighter pilot. Not a fireman.

Not even shortstop for my beloved Chicago Cubs.

A singer.

This is the story of how my dream came true.

This book is the culmination of over 6 decades sharing adventures with greats from Ozzie and Harriet to Elvis, Sinatra to the Beatles, Bob Hope to the Beach Boys.

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I think you'll find it a good read.


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