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Follow Your Dream Podcast — Music And Much More! Episode 219 fea. Bruce Belland of The Four Preps, author of "Icons, Idols and Idiots of Hollywood — My Adventures In America's First Boy Band". Talks About Gene Kelly, Brian Wilson, Marilyn Monroe And More!
Listen to the podcast here:


Cousin Brucie's Saturday Night Rock 'n' Roll Party Podcast — Cousin Brucie talks with special guest Bruce Belland of The Four Preps. (Broadcast date: September 17, 2023)
Listen to the podcast here:


Ward Bond, Ph.D. interviews celebrity guests and experts from all areas of film, television, music, health, and wellness. Episode 334 - "ICONS, IDOLS & IDIOTS of Hollywood: The Legendary Entertainer Bruce Belland," aired on Tuesday, September 19, 2023, and is one you don‘t want to miss! Listen to the podcast here:


TalkingBooksAndStuff Podcast, hosted by Dennis Rimmer, is all about books, writing, and stuff. Episode 239 (aired Dec 15, 2023) features Bruce Belland discussing his memoir, “ICONS, IDOLS and IDIOTS of Hollywood.”
Listen to the podcast here:


Boomerocity, hosted by Randy Patterson, has sincere one-on-one conversations that show fans the true heart of the artists. Episode 471 (aired Sep 20, 2023) features Bruce Belland, the only living member of one of the original boy bands, The Four Preps, talking with Boomerocity about his new book: “ICONS, IDOLS and IDIOTS of Hollywood.” Listen to the podcast here:


On Episode 43 of "The Cowsill's Podcast" we visit with Bruce Belland of THE FOUR PREPS!!!! In terms of audience reaction to the Four Preps, think Beatles and Frank Sinatra.  Remember "26 Miles (Santa Catalina)"? It sold 10 million records! That's The Four Preps!! You will really enjoy this episode... Listen to the podcast here:


On Media Path Podcast Episode 121, "Vocal Harmonies & Legends of Classic Pop with Bruce Belland and John H. Mills II," Bruce's unanswered questions about some of his musical heroes are answered by John H. Mills II, the son of original Mills Brother Donald Mills. 
Listen to the podcast here:


On Media Path Podcast Episode 155: "From Singer-Boy to Renaissance Man & The Golden Age of Vocal Harmonies," Bruce Belland discusses his memoir, "Icons, Idols and Idiots of Hollywood: My Adventures in America’s First Boy Band" and confides what he learned from Gene Kelly, Ozzy Nelson, and George Burns and more! Listen to the podcast here:


On Vince Tracy Podcasts, the Jan 16, 2023 episode features Bruce Belland discussing The Four Preps, how their shows were an amalgamation of singing everything from doo-wop to Tin Pan Alley standards and comedy, and more. Listen to the podcast here:


On Jim Cathcart's "Wisdom Parlor" Podcast, Episode 12, "Exploring The Hollywood And Entertainment Industry," Jim interviews actor, producer, and author Bruce Belland. They discuss his intriguing journey with a fascinating deep-dive into the world of music and showbiz. Listen to the podcast here:


The Michael Shelley WFMU program is a showcase for the widest-possible definition of pop music, plus interviews with the world's finest music makers. Michael's interview with Bruce Belland aired on September 26, 2023.
Listen to the podcast here:


Ticklish Business is a classic film podcast devoted to Old Hollywood. In this interview, Kim Pierce sits down with Bruce Belland, the lead singer, founder, and chief songwriter of The Four Preps. Topics covered include The Four Preps, Gidget, and the Joy of the 1950s. Listen to the podcast here:


"Celebrity Lifestyle & Moments," a YouTube channel dedicated to the legendary Elvis Presley, posted this video, titled, "Bruce Belland Reveals NEW Details About The Hit Elvis Thought Would Restart His Career," on Nov 16, 2023.

Watch the video here:


Warren Kurtz, long-time music journalist, author, and Contributing Editor at Goldmine, wrote a review of Bruce Belland's memoir which was published in Goldmine on November 17, 2023, titled, "Memoir of the Four Preps’ Bruce Belland Captures Early Days of Rock and Roll Vocal Groups." Read the review here:


Harvey Brownstone, famous interviewer of celebrities, authors, and prominent personalities, had a great conversation with Bruce Belland on 1/11/2024. Their talk is jam-packed with fascinating stories about the biggest stars in Hollywood and is pure joy from beginning to end. Don’t miss it, watch here:


Bruce Belland appeared as a guest on Arnie Amber's "Oldies Unlimited" show, which aired on WMBS Radio on January 6, 2024. During the interview, Bruce delves into captivating anecdotes from Hollywood, discusses his latest memoir, reminisces about the iconic era of the Fab 50s, and answers many intriguing questions. Listen to the interview here:


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