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NOTE: Some of my Newsletter titles may be clever, but don’t always give much information about their content.

Suffice it to say, that over the course of 8 years and 80 editions, I’ve written about adventures with a lot of show business greats, and paid tribute to many colleagues and friends who have passed, including:

Bob Hope, Kenny Rogers, Helen Reddy, Alex Trebek, Tim Conway, Mac Davis, Larry King, Arte Johnson, Glen Campbell, Regis Philbin, Tom Kennedy, Tennessee Ernie Ford,  Ricky Nelson, Ozzie and Harriet, Walt Disney, Elvis, Nat “King” Cole, Henry Mancini, Johnny Mathis, Rowan and Martin, Hugh Hefner, Steve Allen, Pat Boone, and more.

I plan to eventually re-title some editions to indicate what celeb is the subject of each, but until then… shop around and see what you like.

I’ve had a great ride.  and I hope I’ve made it a great read.



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